Meet the Pastors

Open Circle MCC is in a time of transition. We are currently being led by our co-gap pastors, Rev. Kelly Durbin, and Rev. Gina Durbin.

Rev. Kelly Durbin
Rev. Gina Durbin

I have been on a spiritual journey that has taken me through a childhood tragedy, coming out, working with abused children and their families, grief and loss, my own personal therapy, counseling others (I am also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker), motherhood, marriage, seminary, and ordination with UFMCC. In all these circumstances, I have learned it is through my relationship with God that I find unwavering love and the capacity for healing and wholeness. My prayer as one of the pastors of Open Circle MCC is that our ministry will encourage you to experience more fully God’s grace and love on your own journey toward wholeness.

My spiritual journey has been quite diverse. I grew up Methodist (A.M.E. Zion or African Methodist Episcopal Zion and remained there until I was 18. I have been Non-Denominational, Pentecostal, Charismatic, Baptist, etc. Today, I am MCC because I believe all God’s children are God’s beloved, and we are loved by God through our relationship with God, with ourselves, and with each other. As a co-gap pastor, I look forward to walking and working with each of you as you continue your journey as followers of Jesus Christ.