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Robert Coates-2

Hebrews 12:2-3

For Jesus himself endured the public shame of the cross because of the joy he knew would follow his suffering; and Jesus is now seated at the right hand of God’s throne. Think constantly of Jesus enduring all that sinful humans could say against him and you will not lose your purpose or your courage.

Sometimes the public shame of the cross is overlooked when we think of the severe torture and brutal agony inflicted by it, but in the Roman Empire crucifixion was a shameful and disgraceful way to die. In Roman culture a common curse to hurl at someone else was the phrase “Go to a bad cross!” Although removed from the events of the cross by 2000 years, we as humans retain our desire to shame others and our desire to do this is expressed through gossip. Scripture considers gossip (the bearing of false witness against our neighbor) a sin because it is a form of murder. This is why gossip is defined as “character assassination.” It is a sin from which we usually do not seek repentance, nor from which we seek God’s healing though grace, because we enjoy it so very much. Each time we pick up a phone and call 24 friends to assassinate the character of someone else, we relish the shame we place on that individual. Each time we post gossip on Facebook or Tweet falsehoods about someone else we are attempting to selfishly elevate ourselves at the cost of publically shaming another person. If we name the name of Christ as our own, and yet practice such wanton evil, we are deluding ourselves: “Those who practice such evil have no place in God’s kingdom.” (Galatians 5:19-21). Repent of this sin today. Remember that each time you attempt to shame another person that your behavior is not any different than was the behavior of those who shamed our Lord and Savior Jesus. Amen

Rev. Robert

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